Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I am in main UPenn library, the "Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center". It's not just a library, it's where libraries come to socialize?

They have, as is customary for hip and with-it academic libraries, a collection of little isolated group study rooms. The policy on them is eminently reasonable, which is that groups have priority, but individuals can also use them, particularly if the individual is a smug fucker like me for being here at 9 in the morning when virtually no-one else is around. Well, that last bit is not in the written policy, but it's a epiphenomenal consequence, you know.

Anyway, they are pretty well equipped: there is for instance a big flatscreen on the wall that you can hook your computer up to (for presentations I suppose) which displays at other times a cycling set of "DID YOU KNOW?" sort of informational promos telling you about the library and its services.

One of them has a list of bullet points, one of which is "Adjusting to the Academic Culture". But there is a very delightfully mis(?)placed oval-shaped graphic of some clip-art people smiling some clip-art smiles, which nonetheless has a rectangular bounding box, and it just almost completely obscures the "ure" in "Culture". It made me smirk.
Tags: funny, libraries, penn

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