Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today I have been doing a lot of the digital equivalent of unpacking boxes: moving subversion archives and backups onto my new office machine, fiddling with .emacs and .bashrc and .fvwm2rc to match the new setup, etc.

Nothin' beats having one's own funny custom emacs hypertext note-taking code properly running again, though. Also, I have to say, having a lot more screen real-estate is really growing on me. I love how cheap it is to scan my eyes across things instead of page across them in fvwm2.

Weird Debian TeX thing of the day: I had to set my TEXINPUTS to
export TEXINPUTS=.:/home/jcreed/public//:/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex//:/etc/texmf/tex/
for some reason, rather than there just being a single point of loading for the system-wide tex stuff. Without the /usr/share path, it couldn't find article.cls, and without the /etc/texmf/ path, the color package was giving me bizarre (! Package color Error: No driver specified.) error messages because an important config file was unfindable.
Tags: computers, debian, moving, tex

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