Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Things purchased today, in an effort to further upgrade my living situation.

A spool of string.

A plastic silverware drawer sorter thingy.

A dish drying rack, and associated drainage mat thing.

An ice cube tray.

A burrito at not chipotle, namely a mexican food truck on 33rd that ccasinghino recommended. It was pretty good, actually, if a bit greasy. Black beans, shredded chicken, yellow rice, mysterious but not-too-spicy salsa. (7/10) If you can believe it, I haven't been to chipotle since monday.

A single-(but not fixed-)gear road bike with skinny wheels and those funny curvy handlebars and everything. I am a little shaky on it still, but I succeeded in not killing myself while biking from Frankenstein Bikes (where I purchased it) to campus. After trying a straight-handlebar hybrid, which felt a little more natural, I realize this is a combination of not being used to riding road bikes, and not used to riding a bike at all for like eight years. I'm sure it will come back to me. The single-gear thing looks like it will be okay given how flat philadelphia is. There's a bit of incline going up and down the bridge, but it's totally doable, and that's with me out of shape as I am.

A box fan. I have been spoiled by air conditioning.

Some more shampoo.

Other things I did today

Had a meeting with jms and benli. I am pretty excited about this project. In the next couple months I am going to read so many papers.

Unpacked all the boxes in my office. I do just barely have enough bookshelf space, but I sort of left none for the other dude that's coming in October. I am in the Moore building basement. Yes Moore building. So many Moore building!

Unpacked a lot of books at home, put away some clothes. Turns out many Terry Pratchett books stacked one on the other works pretty well as a bookend.
Tags: bikes, moving, work

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