Jason (jcreed) wrote,

My attempt to be all social-isolate and get work done in the library was an utter failure, but the happiest kind of failure, where groen and letters_in_sand and madmadammim showed up and very nice conversation ensued and holy shit I'ma gonna miss this town and all you people. Recurring theme, that. Anyway.

Covered my eyes and stabbed blindly at the map of philadelphia and asked chris casinghino to check out a few apartments for me in person. By which I mean of course "wrote a perl script to sort the last 10 pages of craigslist apartment listings by price and chose a few that were in my price range and in appropriately nearby neighborhoods". What did people do before the internet? Just blindly move into a faraway city without having google maps'ed for the nearest chipotle, without having acquired potential new friends via departmental mailing lists and okcupid, and without easily scrapeable craigslist listings for apartments, furniture, musicians, etc.? It's a crazy thought. I suppose I just arrived in pittsburgh without knowing a damn thing, but college is set up to show you around, metaphorically and literally.

Eventually got around to doing some work on thesis defense slides in the evening. I realize I basically do want too say everything in my proposal talk and more, but in the same (or less) amount of time. Gotta compress that shit somehow...
Tags: moving, social, work

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