Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The "dormitory-style" accommodations I am staying in offer free ($5 credit towards pay-as-you-go cafeteria) breakfast. They didn't manage to screw anything up that came independently packaged, so it was nice to have a bowl of cereal and some toast for free, I guess. The breakfast sausage, however, was the worst. Like, -5 on a scale where Eat'n'Park is around 3, Ritter's 2, Johnsonville Cheddar Bratwurst (not a breakfast sausage per se, but still included in the general spectrum of sausage tastiness) is like 7, and 0 is the threshold of once I have bitten into this, I will at least swallow it and tolerate the unpleasant flavor. The fact that the scrambled eggs were a deep orange color, darker than any egg yolk I have ever seen occur in nature, prevented me from even ordering them.

LFMTP actually happened today. Saw some neat talks, and mine went okay. Talked substantively to people I hadn't met before, and plenty to people I had. Conference success! Going now to au Pied de Cochon to have dinner with Derek, Carsten, Noam.
Tags: conference, food

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