Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a meeting with frank, talked more about thesis tweaks.

Still compulsively playing around with Flash as an antidote to, you know, programming languages that make any sense. Dug down into the C source of swftools to fix (what I perceive as) a bug in how they're exporting their DefineBitsLossless-es as named thingies that the actionscript can get its grubby hands on. I'm still catching up to nice new features that were introduced several years ago. Flash 8 introduced some reasonable bitmap operations, so that you can conveniently make, for example, image masks that describe which regions of space are go-through-able or not and test them pixel-by-pixel at runtime.

I got my cheap $15 eBay replacement laptop AC adapter in the mail today. It seems to work perfectly so far. However sketched out I am by buying cheap parts on the internet from no-name suppliers, I am more sketched out by naked frayed wires sticking out of something that says "3 Amps" on it. Although it says "1 Amp" on the AC side while saying "3 Amps" on the DC side. Anyone know what that discrepancy really means? I kind of thought current was, how you say, conserved.
Tags: computers, flash, thesis

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