Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Had a weirdly detailed dream.
I was playing a game which was a combination of Siedler
and Tigris, which also had playing cards. There were four
people, but two had been eliminated. (Adam and Noble, maybe?)
It was just me and shiue left.
I dropped my red leader onto a space adjacent to two occupied
hexes, causing an internal conflict. I held two aces, a queen
and something small in my hand, and committed the ace, thinking
that I had an almost assured victory.
Then Adam reminded me that, although the aggressor can only
commit one card, the defender can commit any number, adding
their value, so that my fourteen-point ace wasn't all that impressive.
Then I woke up.

Thought about the idea of writing a software version
of Tigris & Euphrates, as suggested by ras & mhock.
Transcribed the board and made a quick 'n
dirty little visualization script in perl/tk.
Made 10 glyphs of a font for the leader symbols.
mkfontdir seems to have disappeared from my laptop.
That's odd. Maybe it had to do with installing XFree4?

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