Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finished "Permutation City". I thought gwillen was a fast reader for finishing it in two days, but so did I. I found it quite the page turner. Increasingly ridiculous as the story went on, but I still found it tremendously fun. Not unlike "Anathem" on both counts, and this one lacked some of Stephenson's slightly annoying conceits.

Got cut elimination working in the HLF implementation for additive conjunction, and multiplicative unit! That makes six "connectives" that work, now, 1, top, bottom, ampersand, trivial, and atoms. I am super stoked. I am slightly cheating, since I am making use of monotonicity without checking it, but it's a very heartening proof-of-concept. Also, I finally got around to checking it in as a real branch rather than in my own subversion repository. It is at https://cvs.concert.cs.cmu.edu/twelf/branches/twelf-hlf/

My INBOX contains two items, both pertinent to the immediate future. Doin' that inbox zero thing. We'll see if it Changes My Life.
Tags: books, work
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