Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Nipped off to see a matinee of the new "Star Trek" after advisor meeting just because I missed most chances I had to see it with other people and just wanted to see the damn thing. It was, of course, lens-flareriffic, and full of satisfying fan-service even to someone (such as me) not really altogether familiar with much of the Star Trek mythos. Chris Pine's endearing-asshole why-hello-ladies rendition of Kirk was just right, and Quinto's Spock also quite impressive. A big step up from the superpowered soap-opera nonsense on Heroes he is consigned to lately. Not sure what that crusty Ewok thing Scotty was hanging out with, but Simon Pegg himself was fantastic. Not sure how I feel about the OMG TIME TRAVEL, OMG ALTERNATE UNIVERSES schtick, but it did excuse the reboot pretty well. (8/10)
Tags: movies

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