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Some miscellaneous impressions of NYC from wandering around a little bit today after the interview; walked up Broadway from 12th where the Strand was (verdict: a shit-ton of books, but a lot of duplicates and not actually a lot of stuff that I was interested in), to 51st where my hotel was. So, you know, impersonal, as befits a major city, but not rude.

People: generally attractive, but more smokers. They do not notice you, or smile at you, unless they are other tourists in your hotel. They do however keep out of your way mostly and say "excuse me" or the like if they fail.
Language: I have heard plenty of spanish, french and german a couple of times each, russian once, and I think once portuguese. A couple of different southern england english accents, and a family of people very clearly from ireland.
Times Square: boy, outdoor imaging technology has come a long way, hasn't it?
Pizza: approaching sublime perfection. Can't remember where it was that I had a slice, but it was great.
Public Transportation: Love it. For a while I was going to get a cab from the hotel to the interview, but talking to spoons convinced me that I should just take the damn train. In hindsight not to have done so would have been absurd, since it basically went straight from where I was to where I was going. I was bit by the fact that train stations don't necessarily work like I am used to from, say, Chicago, which is that you can always get to the other side of the tracks after you pass the turnstiles, so I wound up paying once uselessly.
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