Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Things that happened yesterday:

Went and hung out at Adam and Susan's house with Norm, saw the twins. They are frickin' adorable, even with all the crying and spitting up.

Saw SRatSR and Big Hurry play at Lava Lounge. Both rather excellent shows. Big Hurry didn't sound excessively loud like they did at Smiling Moose, just ordinary Rock Loud. Maybe I was just in the mood for it this time? Maybe the acoustics were better? Dunno.

Things that happened today:

Advisor meeting. I'm making rather significant headway on an old, old problem that last came up when I was at the very beginning stages of figuring out my thesis project. I've got a lot better tools now, and so I'm taking a whole bunch of different substructural logics and putting them in the same sort of general language, and getting much more able to see how they relate to each other. It's quite fun.

Briefly popped in to the MFA show Miller gallery at _tove's suggestion. Jen Gooch has some great stuff in there making poetry out of the absurd color names from a paint swatch book.
Tags: art, babies, math, music, work

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