Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Audiovisuals consumed recently:

The Wizard of Speed and Time, Mike Jittlov's brilliant love letter to himself. All the stop motion animation, fourth-wall-breaking subtitles, complaining about the unionization of hollywood, narrative ridiculousness and hit-or-miss acting you can stomach. It's tremendous fun. (9/10)

Sick Ridiculous and the Sick Ridiculous playing at the Smiling Moose: fun as always. These kids are pro prosumers.

Stayed for the first song of the next band, "Big Hurry". I kinda liked it but it was way fuckin' loud with drums and guitars amped to match compared to a couple (nonetheless miked) acoustics and dudes singing. I predicted to myself that I might like them ok on recordings I could turn the volume down to listenable and indeed the few songs they have on their myspace page are enjoyable. She's got a good tremolo going on in the vocals, something that reminds me of those of the various members of the Be Good Tanyas slightly even though musically they are entirely unlike them.

Boondock Saints. I always got this movie confused with Lock/Stock before I had seen either of them. I mean I guess they've both got people with British Isles accents and lots of shooting and saying "fuck" for sure. Somehow Boondock Saints didn't reach me - maybe it's just because it's more serious and less funny on average, not that it doesn't have its funny moments, and I've got to admit Willem Dafoe's performance is unparalleled. I recognize it's a quality film, but it's a weird mixture of "thou shalt not kill" and killing. (6/10)
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