Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Unfortunately the Sick Ridiculous and The Sick Ridiculous concert did not happen tonight. The venue apparently simply failed to be on the ball enough to actually hold the concert. Zero points to you, The Rex! Though I have enjoyed concerts there in the past.

Anyway some of us we wound up just hanging out at a bar across the street, and it was pretty nice. Anyone ever notice that when you go to a bar and get something from that fancy hand-held soda fountainy thing, such as coke or water, that it has a weird sickly sweet-sour aftertaste? I think this has happened to me a few times in recent memory. I wonder if it's like the soda syrup drying on some part of the device and going bad or something. Like a couple times at Fuel and Fuddle in particular I'll like wait at the bar before half-price starts and get a coke, and it tastes sort of off, and then get a refill later while sitting at the table, which I presume they fill using the regular fountain, and it tastes normal.
Tags: food, music, social

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