Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Having a decently productive evening. I don't usually have much success with the "ok make a list of things to do and then do them" but for some reason I got a good rhythm going. Maybe my failure before was choosing too big of chunks. I aimed for very specific things that I could do in about 15-20 minutes and it seemed to help. I think usually I'd angle more for "ok I'm going to sit down and write for an hour" and I get distracted half-way through and start reading reddit and then I'm doomed. With smaller goals, by the time I finish one, I've got another one lined up.

It's weird to me how equally important but very different this "just get all these errands/writing/bill payments/simple bugfixes done" productivity is compared to exploratory work that's so essential to research, of having hours open to just think about a million different attacks on a vaguely defined problem --- which I also did a bunch of in the early afternoon trying to shoehorn positive connectives back into HLF somehow. Now that I know a lot more about focusing, it seems almost doable, but it's still a tough nut.
Tags: math, work

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