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[Jan. 7th, 2009|02:45 pm]

Recently, my main work project has been a mixture of thesis and condensed-version-of-thesis-for-LICS paper writing. My main after-hours project has been fiddling with trying to write a little emacs minor mode to do nefarious things to semistructured text files. It's sort of fun, but it certainly puts me in the mind set of lisp/perl/shell/javascript/flash hacking, in that it's a lot of run-time experimentation and debugging to get anything done.

Today I got bored of writing and tried to fix up an outstanding problem with my prototype HLF implementation. Wrote some code, got it to compile, ran it, and braced myself for the error messages.

Nope. It just worked. It's good to see you again, SML. I missed you.