Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Some memes I like.

First sentence of the first entry of the first of the month of each month of 2008 retrospective!

January: Still enjoying AHWOSG. [A heartbreaking work of staggering genius]
February: Oh man the singer of that "No Bravery" song I keep hearing at chipotle is totally a dude. Wouldn't have guessed. [James Blunt, as it happens]
March: Current Mood:
(~100bpm, this a few times:)

April: There's this music-sharing thing called muxtape I saw on boingboing.
May: Talked with tom7 over dinner a bit.
June: Last night watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark" with chrisamaphone, wjl, _tove and occasionally demoness101 for comparison with the recent Indy.
July: Have been poking more at thesis stuff, but keep getting distracted by "the logic of an adjunction" and its relationship to focussing and the modalities of box and circle and proof irrelevance.
August: _tove and I rented "Hellboy".
September: Got some more solid programming done today.
October: Frank pointed me to this paper "WhY are open existentials so good?" by Benoît Montagu and Didier Rémy about open-scope existential types for a module calculus.
November: Also, here is "A Change of Perspective" in its intended form for viewing, just a bunch of images at the proper size one after the other.
December: Apparently Pandora has had classical for like a year now?

Apparently my year is divided into 4 unequal seasons of Consuming Music and Books (Dec-April) Actually Interacting with Other Humans (May-August), Work (September-October), and Pretending to Get Work Done But Drawing Comics Instead (November).
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