Jason (jcreed) wrote,

A few days ago, I ordered from a pizza place named, uncreatively enough, "Chicago's". This proved to have been a terrible decision.

Why, you might ask, was the pizza that bad? No: it was delicious.

The terrible decision was to get a whole pizza delivered, and have to eat half of it reheated, for it turns out they're barely a block from my sisters' apartment and sell by the slice. For just a bit over $4 I am quite contentedly stuffed full of cheese, starch, sausage, caffeine, and high fructose corn syrup. Yum!

My only complaint is the probably routine one that Chicago, as a city, doesn't seem to understand how to make thin-crust-pizza crust taste very different from, well, an upscale imitation of grocery store frozen pizza crust. Way above it in terms of quality, still quite palatable all told, but it has that weird crackery flavor and crunch near the end.

Of course this is understandable, thin-crust being foreign to their native notion of What Pizza Is, that being a tasty but ultimately unmanageable cheese/tomato/topping soup soaking into a buttery, rich dessert-like pie crust. I miss the like of Perfecta or Sorrento's in pittsburgh.
Tags: food

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