Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Occurrences today.

1. Saw Andy's Music store over a few blocks west on Belmont from my sisters' apartment. They had a ton of cool stuff there; keyboards, guitars, drums, violins, sitars, accordions, steel drums, and a bunch of other miscellaneous world instruments I didn't even know how to name, filling every corner of a delightfully expansive, twisty-passage-full store. The drums were really satisfying to play, dunno why. I'm really tempted to see how expensive a low-end electronic kit would cost, because a real kit seems like it would be too noisy. Not that I need any more things in my room, but I have traditionally made exceptions for musical instruments.

2. chrisamaphone drew this excellent comic because apparently I can't go around saying things without people turning them into comics. This is generally considered a good thing.

3. Had a nasty five minutes of like migraine auras after I sat up suddenly and went to brush my teeth in a brightly lit bathroom after taking a nap in the dark. Followed by no migraine, thankfully. But still the alarmingly bright slightly throbbing oval light blob before my closed eyes is unpleasant and disturbing. I'm not really sure what caused it (though of course I mention the sudden changes of lighting and so on by way of imagining that it might be causal) --- and maybe it's stress- and sleep-deprivation-related, because the last time I can think of it happening was a year or two ago also around christmas after I was really tired from travelling.
Tags: comics, music, travel

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