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The internet fixed my sink

So I was pouring some two-month-old milk I found in the fridge down the sink, and it's all gross and chunky and I reach over for the garbage disposal and it goes hmmmmmm kind of ineffectually and keeps going hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmhmmmmmm for a little while and then it goes silent and I'm left with a sink full of gross chunky stinky two-month-old milk and it's just sitting there making the whole kitchen smell bad.

Of course I ask the internet what to do with a broken garbage disposal. Much to my surprise it actually helped! For one thing, the internet told me that garbage disposals typically have a reset button on the bottom. Pushing that made it go back to making that useless hmmmmmmmmmm noise at least.

I poked at the gross milky chunky nasty contents with a wooden spoon hoping that maybe that would help and it didn't. Then I tried putting a little dish soap in and miraculously it worked like a charm. Even without the garbage disposal on it suddenly started draining, and then when I tried the disposal it sprang back to life, making a more proper grnkgrnkgrnkgrnk sort of noise.

So yeah. Palmolive dish soap: the poor man's Drano.
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