Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Less sick now, but sore throat persists.
Must see American Beauty tonight.

Trying to sleep last night was really weird.
I began to feel really tired about noonish,
headed to the lounge after classes were over
at 14:30 to attempt to nap, which failed,
so I went home to get food and stuff and rest.
So by 17ish I was in bed with the lights out
and basically stayed that way until this morning,
but only got about 6 or 7 hours of real sleep
between 1 and 7 or 8---partly because of general
loudness in the dorm, partly because of
an inability to ignore feeling like shit
due to the cold/flu/whatever, but mostly
due to a strange sort of lock-up in my
thinking process that didn't go towards
unconciousness as it normally would provided
darkness, prone position, and extreme fatigue.
For a while I was trying to solve some category
theory problem that somehow got woven
into all the other thoughts I was
having in a half-dreamlike but unrestful
state... Once I had solved it to my
satisfaction (I remember the feeling
but not the answer, nor even the problem)
I assumed I'd be able to easily fall
asleep subsequently, but I still couldn't...


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