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[Sep. 29th, 2008|11:59 pm]

ConCert RG was somewhat interesting today. Talked about a paper by John Reynolds on metacircular interpreters for functional languages, and CPS-translation and defunctionalization thereof. I'm having a terrible time since then finding a good explanation of the call-by-name CPS transform - anyone know any good citations? I've rarely seen a good explanation of the call-by-value one either, but at least I've reconstructed it to my satisfaction from the Twelf examples directory version, which is the same as the desubstructuralization of the more or less readable description in Jeff Polakow's thesis.

The point --- as mentioned in the Danvy talk I referred to at ICFP --- is that the metacircular interpreter should come out CBN if your CPS translation is CBN, and CBV if your CPS translation is CBV.