Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Trying out Google's new web browser, "Chrome". It is pretty speedy, and awfully close to a satisfactory replacement to firefox for all I can tell. The only things I notice missing right away are the type-ahead find behavior of the '/' key, and the fact that their equivalent to FF3's "awesome bar" — while WAY more responsive — still doesn't DWIM quite correctly. It is more heavily biased towards URLs that are just domain names, which is unfortunate for the two urls I most want a good keystroke abbreviation for, namely http://jcreed.livejournal.com/friends/ and http://livejournal.com/update.bml But, you know, I expect there is already or at least I have faith there will eventually be some way I can customize things to my liking.


Yeah, I'm actually quite content defining keywords for those URLs. God, it's so nice having a responsive address bar again. Looks like I might be out of luck for having any equivalent to FF's "open all these RSS thingies in tabs" feature, which I do enjoy in conjunction with del.icio.us for opening all the comics I read at once.
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