Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ryan's moved out of his room; I started moving my things in so that gwillen can occupy an actual room instead of sleeping on the futon.

Fixed a bug where not even the simple types of terms were agreeing in HLF type inference; now it's down to fiddly deBruijn problems. It's extremely irritating that I have one view of the system which has only world variables, and another view from which I have term and world variables interleaved, and I keep mixing them up.
Tags: moving, work

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    Restrung my electric today, so here's me practicing "Hallelujah".

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    ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ------8-----------------------8---------------…

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    Unpacking stuff, I found a box of completely immaculate strings, so I restrung my acoustic guitar. It sounds and plays so much nicer now!

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