Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Last night: chicken and green beans in lots of lemon and garlic and butter, yum.

Today: speaking from Ciabattoni's slides went okay. Got a few questions, even.

My favorite talk I heard today was Emmanuel Beffaras' An Algebraic Process Calculus. I am a sucker for things that look like derivatives in type theory.

I have a slightly clearer notion of what focusing might have to do with this "adjoint logic" generalization of Paul Levy's recent presentation I've been thinking about. It's not a characterization of focusing, but by using focusing reasoning, one is able to derive one logic from another (where the output has the same provabilities and fewer proofs than the input logic) by taking the entire preorder and duplicating it either below or above its twin, and shoving all positive connectives in one and all negative in the other. The funny thing is the free choice one seems to have in putting negatives "upstairs" and positives "downstairs" or vice-versa.
Tags: food, math, talks

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