Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Found a nice little riff on the guitar recently that I have been using to practice hammer-ons. The rhythm of the improvised piano line's sloppy, and the guitar's out of tune, but whatever. Making drum beats with combinators in sml is fun, though:
 open Toy
fun go () = 
	open Melody
	infix 3 ++
	infix 3 <<
	infix 3 @@

	val lead = times 4 hat
	val pat =  s[kick, snare, kick, snare] ++ f (times 8 hat)
	val rest2 = s[kick, z, z, fs[fs[hat, hat], snare]]
	val rest3 = s[kick, z, f (times 4 (kick ++ snare))]
	val turnaround = fs[kick, snare, snare, kick, snare, snare, kick, fs [snare, p snare]]
	val run = s[times 4 (pat @@ rest2), times 3 (pat @@ pat), pat, rest3,
		   times 15 pat, turnaround]
	val notes = s[lead, run, crash ++ run, crash ++ run, crash ++ run, crash]
	val track1 = makedrums 32 (evs2midi (melody2evs 0 (fx 1.5 notes)))
	M.writemidi "/home/jcreed/desktop/test.mid" (1, 500, [track1])

The chords are (capo up 1)

Am [G Am] x4
D D Am Am Am [G Am] Am [G Am]
Am G C E7
Am G C E7
F C G Am
F C E7 E7
Tags: music

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