Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I need to take yet another moment to observe that when I get in a working groove, I actually get shit done. In about five hours I scooped together some counterexamples into the paper, made sense of them in my head at least, got the argument for the occurs-check working at last and written down, and wrote a whole bunch of prose. The paper is certainly not done yet, but I've still got 'till monday. Five hours is not that long at all, but I get tired and antsy so fast when I am working on something that I don't really, internally, intrinsic-motivationally want to do. I probably spent three and a half hours programming and illustrator-ing for that poster yesterday and it felt like nothin', but five hours of real work is ugh. I'm sure this comes across as intense laziness, but it ain't anything new. I sure don't remember being productive anywhere near all 8 hours of the work day back when I had internships during undergrad...
Tags: work
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