Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There was a party at this dude Abe's house. Not betaphen, obviously. Rock band always makes for good times, but my leg did some weird falling asleep/crampy thing while playing the drums once. Nonetheless I think I am getting better at the funny patterns that go like (something with hands)-kick-(something with hands) at eighth-note speeds that show up on Hard a lot, and also simple things like two eighth-note kicks in a row. nolacoaster and lambdacalculus one-upped the rock band scene by being a real live rock band, and playing a solid set of six charming original pop anthems, plus an unexpected SIGBOVIK theme song.

Departing from the party ("departying" sounds too much like "deplaning") I started walking home with Alex since she lived in the general shadyside area as well and we spontaneously decided to get some Eat'n'Park. Mmm, waffles at 2:00am.
Tags: music, social

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