Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I seem to have settled into a rather late sleep schedule. I don't much care for it, actually. Anyway.

Today involved enjoyable meetings-up at coffee tree roasters and later meatloafings-up with madmadammim. Ground beef + ground turkey + cheese makes good meatloaf. I think it could have stood even more cheese, but I'm not complaining. Later nathan and mark and her and I played "probe", a weird old hangman-like game from the 60s. Fun, though.

I had some interesting further thoughts about formulating a certain kind of higher-dimensional graph based on an intuition that a pasting diagram of n-cells looks a lot like an n-sphere missing one cell. That is, you can express the (n-1)-dimensional domain and codomain of such an "n-path" by an extra cell that "wraps around" the composition into a cycle so that now every (n-1)-cell has exactly one n-cell to whose domain it belongs, and exactly one n-cell to whose codomain it belongs. While spacing out at the 7 party last night I thought I had discovered a fatal flaw in this plan, but now I think I see how to work around it.
Tags: math, social

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