Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Having some fun doing some SML hacking on Twelf.

Mildly anticipated OkCupid lunch outing today: canceled! Oh well. Given how many times I have canceled things for (at least in my mind totally) legitimate reasons, I will try to refrain from second-guessing the legitimacy of this cancellation. Anyway one always has the barometer of whether the other party shows any enthusiasm about rescheduling. It would take a lot, though, for me to really begrudge someone having second thoughts about any particular meeting-some-crazy-dude-from-the-internet-for-the-first-time sort of event.

I mean, take a moment to realize how weird this must be to (if you'll forgive me this totally specious neurobiology-recapitulates-sociology sort of thinking) the paleolithic hunter-gatherer social bits of our brains. I would reckon these bits expect us to live with our extended family/clan, and encounter strangers only rarely, and randomly, and we size them up by seeing and hearing and smelling them, seeing the way they stand and walk, and hearing them speak. Instead we have, by virtue of the internet, (and of course before it to a less blatant extent writing, telephones, classified ads, etc.) a vague but very real capacity to control and predict the meeting of completely new people in strange places, about which we know things only verbally and photographically.

As weird as it is, I still quite enjoy living in this crazy future world.
Tags: social, work

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