Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Did some sigbovik paper hacking at the sigbovik paper hacking party for a while. Lost the ability to focus on much of anything, wandered off to a corner of wean and meditated about n-categories for a while. Didn't make much progress.

Meant to meet experiment666 around 7ish in Regent Square to check out a band playing at a bar there. Being as it was St. Patrick's ClusterfuckDay, the buses got me there an hour late, the band hadn't even started looking like it was about to start playing, and a couple doors down D's was super packed denying me even the chance to get some dinner. And so we gave up on that nonsense and walked to squill, where Sherbrook had rented "Tank Girl" which is unquestionably the best post-apocalyptic australian action-comedy featuring Lori Petty (<3<3) Naomi Watts (<3<3<3) and dancing reincarnated beatnik kangaroo-men that you will ever see.
Tags: movies, social

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