Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Random sci-fi-themed nonsense collides with "Hold Steady"-style shouty rant song. Not very coherent.

It's a tough job
But it's necessary
For the logical consistency of the multiverse
That someone has already done it
At a minimum
Four hundred years ago
I've had so many of my parts replaced
By cyborg attachments
Don't know what's become of my humanity, man
Thank god for this emotion chip, though
It's like a thermostat for hostility
Is it getting cynical in here
Or is it just my lack of humility?
They'll ruin a picnic
And confederate soldiers think they're hot shit
In medieval France
Muscling in on the serving wench I've had my eye on for eighteen months
She'll never live to see the little buggers grow up
At least I got the extended warranty
My mom won't return my calls
Until several years after I've already been born
At which point
It'll be too late for "I told you so" anyway
She takes after my side of the family
Stubborn and loud
Makes a grandfather proud
Then there was that time
I arranged a threesome
And somehow stood myself up
So she says she'll never love again
I mean "before" ---
Or "already" ---
Gets hard to tell which is which
It's not as if relationships are any easier in the seventeenth dimension
All this talk of feelings
And isometric embeddings
And fumbling hook-ups in the back seat of a hover-car
And before you know it, it's yesterday morning and you don't even remember enough to regret
The things a man'll do just to impress a girl
Beating back Ostrogoths
Across the permafrost
And I only lost —
'Cause the penguins fight dirty
I don't even believe in Tuesdays anymore
It's hard to explain
You think it's easy being an interdimensional time-traveling love machine?
Well it ain't.

Needs some kind of groove to go under it, but alls I can come up with is something like

which is too hard for me to play anyway.
Tags: lyrics, music

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