Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh god today was so full of music. Did some dicking around on the keyboard this morning in my room as usual. After lunch and before class Tarsis said she was heading outside to play guitar in the gorgeous prematurely-spring weather, and I grabbed another guitar and an accordion from my office and pulled chrisamaphone in too. Played a little more just before dinner. Then after dinner groen called and we bashed through setting some more of his songs to music in a CFA practice room. "Arma" sounds great with a tweak of his to the second line of the verse "Boney" is mostly as it was last time, but is still stuck in my head with its poppy simplicity. "Bootstraps" still works good, too. "Coffee" seems to have fallen out of the platonic realm of Vampire-Weekend-esque songs fully formed. "Burnt Norton" seems to actually have a proper chorus and outro now. "The Moles" is coming together. And besides that, truth be told, we've nearly got "Right Trusty and Well-Beloved", "Skyscraper Song", "The Running of the Deer", "The Night Porter", "Dead Skulll Kings", "Koine", "5,000 Hydrogen-Powered Doctors" all worked out anyway.

In between I went to a talk by my old boss from WhizBang!/JPRC, Andrew McCallum, who was in town visiting from Amherst, where he's been working for some time now, I guess. The talk was pretty neat, largely about crazy applications of conditional random fields and how to make shoveling in domain knowledge easier and "safer" in the sense of making the irrelevant bits at least not harmful to accuracy.
Tags: machine learning, music, talks

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