Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Last night: "moonraker" at Ally Reeves's house, a pleasantly kinda-organized kinda-ad hoc thing where people played music and stuff. Moira prodded me to go and play a few tunes with her, and I'm ever so glad she did. She sounded great as always, and it was awesome also to hear Jen Gooch play some originals, and listen to everyone having a great time with singalongs and stuff, even despite my (NOW MOSTLY THROAT-BASED-)PLAGUE-induced inability to join in.
Tags: music, social

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    Playing around with the agda javascript backend, now. Like, my ears are popping from the sudden change of type-theory-pressure.

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    Trying to understand in general what kind of diagrammatic interactions between degree-three nodes actually read sensibly in the lambda calculus:

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    Not sure this is the simplest possible inverse (or even that it is correct) but it makes for a fun diagram:

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