Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So theadana got a playtesting copy of a game from Looney Labs, and a few of us tried it out. I think it is understood to be impolite for me to divulge the mechanic before it is released and all, but: It was pretty good. I liked it..

Afterwards I showed theadana Sketchup and she made this beauty in like only two hours. I am still oh so in favor of 3d modeling programs with such a short learning curve.

Got dinner with gustavolacerda; he showed me some interesting cog sci papers. Hung out with him and rdore and some of richard's friends for a little while. Turns out geek houses have, like, 1.5 TB RAIDs for media storage these days. I feel old.

As I was walking home I thought of another angle for attacking type-safety of unification with forbidden-subterm placeholders. I say this every time, but I really think this one has the best chance yet of working — the particular reason is that it is vastly more syntactic than before, and keeps more information around in the terms themselves in a nice structural way.
Tags: games, social, work

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