Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Here is a political post endorsing (surprise, surprise) Obama in rather enjoyable detail: which is to say, it makes me happy that there are such details at all, whether bad or good, and as it happens they are rather positive.

However, there is an obvious sampling problem reading news on the internet from a few sources, especially when those few sources are mostly (in political volume, both in the sense of amount and loudness) reddit.

Anyone know of similarly detailed articles praising other candidates' (in either party) voting record, past leadership record, etc.?

'Cause this one really made me feel far more hopeful about, you know, government as a mechanism than I have in a while. For it is not about praising fluffy charisma and properly leaderish gazing off into the sunset, but about praising someone's ability to cleverly arrange regulations and persuade people to adopt them so as to make the machinery of government — you know, all that stuff that we presumptuously (but, I think, occasionally correctly) suppose that we can do better than markets — more effective, more open, and less corruptible, and more bearable to the people it affects.
Tags: politics

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