Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Worked on reviewing a paper. It is actually on a topic near and dear to my heart, so the process is more enjoyable than usual so far.

Played a bit of music with moira. Rhode Island Is Famous For You is a fantastically cute song, even though the particular recording I have linked is maybe not of the best quality. The turnaround in the chorus that goes like vi-V-IV-iv-[I VI]-[ii V7]-I is fun. I am really not good enough on the accordion yet to make into anything but a razor-thin margin the boundary between "boring because it is too easy to play" and "impossible because it involves chords like a minor vi which are omg like three buttons away on the left hand". Some day...

Planned to go to squirrel hill to see a movie, but somehow these plans fell through and instead at sherbrook _tove made some STEAK WRAPPED IN BACON. It tasted exactly as capitalized as written.

Later in the cluster I rediscovered Sketchup, which is an excellent, excellent toy. I mean 3d modeler. Well, it may be merely an adequate 3d modeler for simple things, but it is still an excellent toy.
Tags: food, graphics, music, social, work

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