Jason (jcreed) wrote,

not to blame for / bittersweet distractor

This is not à propos of anything in my life lately, but I couldn't pass up the analogy once it occurred to me.

Have you ever heard of the game "robotfindskitten"? If not, you should first read about it, ideally even play it a little while.

Imagine, if you will, a variant of robotfindskitten, where:

  • The playing field is infinite
  • The characters on the playing field appear and disappear unpredictably
  • There may be multiple or zero kittens
  • Sometimes even after a character has revealed itself as an NKI, that character will, at a future date, instead be kitten
  • Sometimes characters, when probed, complain testily about how all robots are just looking for kitten
  • Or, conversely, aver that robot claims to be looking for kitten, but doesn't seem to be making enough effort, you know?

Imagine playing this game.

I ask you: is it any wonder why dating is, at times, bewildering and frustrating? I think patience and — as much as possible — calm acceptance of how bizarre the game is are to be recommended.
Tags: games

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