Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I seem to recall I had this conversation once with aleffert that went kinda like this.

aleffert: "Everything is Illuminated" is a really good book.
jcreed: Oh, yeah, I saw the movie they made of it. It was good.
aleffert: No, really, you should read the book.

He was right: akiva is not always full of lies. I have got a couple of chapters to go and it is GREAT.

I think it could have fairly been titled "Oy, a hundred years all by myself, am I?" because it is not entirely unlike the García Márquez novel in being multigenerational and recycling first names and full of the most endearing and heartbreaking little magical-realist passages. I mean, I only ever got 2/3ds of the way through "100 years of solitude" before giving up but whatever.
Tags: books

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