Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Books recently read:

"Ghost", Alan Lightman. Not bad writing for a physicist, but I guess I was expecting more somehow. Okay, a guy has a weird visual experience that could be fairly described as "thinking he saw a ghost" (though that may not actually be his epistemological conclusion about it), and it wreaks havoc with his life because some people think he's crazy, and some crazies think he's vindicated their theories. And then... no real conclusion. It's realistic to the point of not really being a satisfying novel. Contrast this with the movie Primer, which I think did an excellent job of capturing how real engineers would deal with something equally "supernatural" (i.e. having discovered a viable time travel mechanism) while remaining interesting.

Started "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius". Oh, it's Eggers. It's so, so Eggers. But it's delicious writing. I think maybe it was aleffert's comment on Danielewski that we forgive him his omphaloskeptic and let's-fuck-with-the-written-page tendencies because he's got the writing chops to sustain it. I haven't read any Danielewski myself, but it's certainly true of Eggers.
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