Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Here is a story about small things.

Snowflakes are small things. They fall from the sky. When thirty hojillion of them all fall from the sky at the same time, they make it take an hour and a quarter to drive to the airport, a trip that should usually be around half an hour.

No matter. We left quite early. Arrived with plenty of time to spare.

The weight of a pair of shoes, compared to my suitcase, is a small thing. I was told that my suitcase was overweight, liable to incur a $25 fine. Without the pair of shoes, it was under the limit. I placed the pair of shoes in the bag on my back containing the accordion. Airport security were very interested in the accordion, but obviously I was not carrying anything harmful, so I got through.

Got to Detroit without incident. Got onto the plane to Pittsburgh without incident. (Miraculously fit the accordion, sans case, into the small, small space beneath the seat in front of me, because the overhead compartments in this particular plane were even smaller) Sat in this same plane, on the runway, contrary to all expectations, without incident, for quite some time.

Planes usually take off after you get in them, see. This one took off about two and a half hours after it was supposed to.

At fault, was a small, small thing: A screw. The mechanical crew needed to install a new headlamp, which they did, but then a screw broke. After cannibalizing the headlamp bracket screw from another plane that was already grounded for a different reason (the pilot actually used the word "cannibalize") everything was ready to go.

Except for one small issue: A member of the push crew was missing. Missing. Couldn't find him! I guess they can't use cellphones down there, either? Except eventually he was found. And then we waited in line on the tarmac for a while, and took off, and were buffeted about violently by small particles of gas, and landed.

I found my luggage, trudged outside to where the buses are, weary and prepared to wait another twenty boring minutes for a 28X to arrive.

However: it was already there, my timing impeccable. Another ten seconds and I would have missed it, would have seen it demoralizingly zipping by.

Small victories are often most satisfying.
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