Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So really I have increased my collection of musical toys by two this christmas season, this category of things being perhaps another insidious inroad against my otherwise aversion to things. The usual one being like, books, I guess.

(1) is the accordion, a motherfuckin' pain in the ass quite literally, as well as the back and neck muscles, but I have got it home safe and sound, narrowly avoiding the need to check it as luggage because it just barely fit beneath the seat even when it did not fit in the overhead compartments on tiny-plane. I am starting to get a feel for how to play it though. Got the bass-chord-chord oom-pah thing goin' on with the left-hand buttons and all.

(2) is a small multi-effect box which does your basic fuzz and overdrive, concurrently with reverb or pitch bend, if you like, depending on the mode. HOLY SHIT is this thing fun to play with. I realize that dicking around on an electric guitar hooked up directly to an amp is a dessicated, milquetoast experience by comparison. I am coming dangerously close to feeling that if I had any plans other than listening to power chords clipping furiously against the limits of the ability of wires to transmit signals, they were made by an incorrect life that I no longer maintain.

I mean, ha ha, of course I want to finish my thesis.

More things to mention tomorrow after I have slept: why the plane was so goddamned delayed (brief answer: a pair of shoes, a headlamp, a screw, a push crew member: panama!) books Lightman's "Ghost", Eggers's "AHWOSG"
Tags: music
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