Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In the space of an hour I took the red line train down to 95th/Dan Ryan, and then transferred to the 381 bus due west for a further half hour or so, until I reached a suburb of Chicago named Oak Lawn. On the bus, a guy was messing with his cellphone. It started playing a fragment of what must have been a popular song, since three girls next to him whom he evidently didn't know started singing along.

The point of going to Oak Lawn? The Italo-American Accordion Company.

The elderly and friendly couple that owned the place sold me a nice used one, for $250. We will see how much of an athletic disaster it will be getting it back to Pittsburgh.

Already, when played, it can be seen to alarm the living shit out of my sisters' small terrier. I take this as a good omen.

Now I merely need to study at the feet of fancybred or something.


Oh and yesterday: hung out with gustavolacerda passing through on his way down to Brazil, and teki and his girlfriend Liz, who seemed pretty awesome. We did Second City. Let's look at some friggin' art! This one's by monnit.
Tags: accordions, music, social

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