Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I have been enjoyably rambling around Chicago. Found:

  • a Powell's, plus
  • the Chicago Public Library: omg bookgasm. Plus they had some pianos in the music section, available to all, not just library-card holders. Very generous. Played one for a little while. Of course as a consequence it was a little beat-up, but still in tune and somehow seemed (as much as an inanimate object could be) happy to be played: like meeting an old friend for the first time, the light action was like a familiar maturity.
  • A Chipotle. This is not really remarkable, but I couldn't find any in Madison. Om nom nom.
  • A coffee shop on the corner of Dearborn and Madison, with free internet. Theoretically the library had it, but it was unusably slow.
  • The location of the Field Museum. They have an exhibit on maps. May go tomorrow or something.
Tags: travel

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