Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hello? Is my journal mysteriously gone??

Despite jgrafton's valiant attempt to screw with my head, I am pretty sure I exist. I think it was merely Firefox that got in some state that somehow yielded a 404 for anything involving jcreed.livejournal.com. Possibly some fiddly DNS or http-level redirection having to do with the fact that that was the first page I tried to load at the airport wireless.

Which is to say! I am at the airport. frigging early because somehow I persistently misread the time of my flight as 8:39 instead of 9:39. Including the email containing my flight details several times, and once on the big monitors at the airport itself. Better that direction of error than the other, I guess.

I have been up for 22 hours or so. Not so big a deal, although I was getting minor but rather unpleasant hallucinatory motion-detection anomalies in the corner of my eyes during the walk home from squirrel hill. The fact that I was walking rather than busing home is because I AM SUPER BRILLIANT and failed to account for, when checking the bus schedule at tcpulse, the fact that all times are in terms of forbes and morewood, and I missed both of the 4:30am busses, one by about ten seconds as I saw it zoom by.

Still, my policy of ridiculous earliness means that all grievous planning errors lead to no actual stress at all.
Tags: travel

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