Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Mood today: more positive, not more coherent.

Last night: Mad Mex, with Mkehrt visiting from out of town. Good times. Had forgotten their burritos were so tasty.

Today: madmadammim; hadn't seen her forever, with her had some lunch, later saw her and mark and nathan (this band is called "Wungsten") play a great concert in margaret morrison. Just before that: coming back from dinner, having talked a while with ("goob") Paul, encountered Erika Barrington on the bus with a friend of hers (I think named John?). They went into the Frame. I sort of tagged along for a precious few seconds but could not endure the happy, hip, unfamiliar crowd much less while in a hurry to get somewhere.

Frantic. Unprepared for christmas. Plane leaves tomorrow, very early. My driver's license is expired, but my passport is not.
Tags: food, social

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