Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Yesterday and today involved spending quality time with copic and spoons before they depart for geneva for some time. This feels awkwardly phrased compared to reality, since copic is sort of already there (but visiting right now) and spoons is not exactly moving there conclusively, but shifting his balance from "mostly in pittsburgh" to "mostly in geneva". Anyway they are both awesome people and I love them to pieces, not unlike many other people that have left our fair* city over the years. Part of this involved eating delicious aged-on-a-bed-of-straw cheese and unexpectedly playing Acquire last night, both of which were subtle and tasty.

Today I saw chrisamaphone's as well the other CS undergrads' research projects' posters at the little poster session in newell simon. I am quite impressed with them this year.

*Well, at least fairly fair.
Tags: food, social

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