Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In Lisbon now! AFAICT, the name of the city actually shares no phones whatsoever shares only one phone ('b') with how I pronounce it in english, unless you count a schwa that appears somewhere else. The ell is quite dark, the i is of course [i] not [I], the s is [S] not [s], the o might be nasalized (?) but is definitely less centralized than english, and the n disappears altogether. Wishboah!

In further hiding-behind-American food news, I ate at the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon after a day of eating nothing but corn flakes and crappy airport food. A CHEESEBURGER HAS RARELY BEEN SO SATISFYING. Again, I realize how attached to american food culture I am.

The elevator in the hotel I am in is awesome also. It has no internal door interposed between its passenger and the surface of wall scrolling by, which you can reach out and touch while in motion. Then, once it has stoppped, the external door simply swings open. You know, like a door. You might construe this as sketchy, old-fashioned, and dangerous, but I enjoy it immensely for some reason. It reminds me of the freight elevator in the Fairfax, when adam and tom helped me move out (or was it move in?) and found mysterious blueprint Plans of something or other in the dumpster.
Tags: elevators, food, travel
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