Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There's this little food stand between my hotel and the workshop venue called "Texas Pizza", which is basically an American food restaurant — as opposed to the kind of food an American eats — in much the same sense as how what we know as Chinese restaurants do not necessarily serve precisely the sort of food Chinese people actually eat in China. It's a cultural mystery to me how Texas could be particularly associated with pizza (the only geographical choices that make sense to my upbringing are New York, Chicago, and Italy) but maybe it's only a matter of Texas connoting America sufficiently strongly to a Parisian.

Anyhow their pizza is not actually very good, lacking almost any discernible tomato sauce, and the cheese tasting kind of funny. But then I tried the chicken cordon bleu sandwich, and man, ten out of ten for authenticity in spirit if not to the letter. I can't imagine, say, Uncle Sam's having any kind of cordon bleu sandwich per se, but it was greasy and salty and baguettey and delicious. And there was something — I lack a suitable phrase for the opposite of "fatal mistake" that doesn't come from D&D terminology, but this is what it was — that knocked off a huge chunk of my culinary homesickness for pittsburgh in one fell swoop. Thank you, Texas Pizza, for putting fries all over it.
Tags: conference, food, life

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