Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Bit of a more bipolar reaction than usual to traveling abroad this time for some reason. Alternating between OMG I LOVE THE SOUND OF FRENCH and OMG I JUST WANT SOME FRIGGIN' MCDONALD'S AND MY OWN BED.

Talks today somewhat interesting, highly preoccupied with decidability of various temporal logics. One had a nested notion of time meant to model function call nesting - I couldn't see how it might play out in applications, but it seemed sort of interesting by itself.


Another interesting talk I didn't totally grok but contained some new and comprehensible material: Giordano, Gliozzi, Olivetti, Pozzato doing something with a "typical member" modality semantically derived from a global Nötherian order on "typicality" of possible worlds. This reminds me of a ordering-ish/metric-ish/minimal-change interpretation of causality that neelk or fancybred or someone told me about once wikipedia to the rescue: the "closest-counterfactual" interpretation is due to Lewis.
Meh, but now she is introducing a notion of completion whereby you assume that individuals are typical members of the most specific category to which they belong, something that makes me uncomfortable in much the same hazy way as some reasoning about OO inheritance does. Pity that all these closed-world/open-world distinctions don't have a nicer, more uniform account than they do presently.
Something about "conditional implication" and nonmonotonic reasoning coming out during the QnA; apparently the T modality decomposes that implication like ! does to unrestricted implication.
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