Jason (jcreed) wrote,

How fancy are the pants of my flippy-open-to-reveal-qwerty-keyboard cellular phone which I would have never bought myself but received as a gift last xmas? Oh so fancy. Were it not for the existence of the iPhone it might actually be up among the lofty heights of fanciness as far as cellphones are concerned.

And yet!

It cannot. Tell time. Properly. Without access to a cellphone network. This astonishes and infuriates me. I am literally angry with rage!

The alarm clock feature seems to work, with a notion of time that fixes midnight at the first time the cellphone noticed it was no longer in Verizon-network-Kansas anymore. Which cannot, as far as I can tell, be changed, or even displayed on the main display.

Anyway. I am safely in France, with a bed, and some talk slides written, and some free wireless at the hotel, and most of the Amber Spyglass left to read, and a laptop with a running-down battery, and I need one of them adapter things because mine has gone missing got one! The grocery store up the street sells them. Also I have bananas.
Tags: cellphones, travel

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